Miles to go before I sleep

The Middleness of the Road

by Robert Frost

The road at the top of the rise
Seems to come to an end
And take off into the skies.
So at the distant bend

It seems to go into a wood,
The place of standing still
As long the trees have stood.
But say what Fancy will,

The mineral drops that explode
To drive my ton of car
Are limited to the road.
They deal with near and far,

But have almost nothing to do
With the absolute flight and rest
The universal blue
And local green suggest.

Yesterday was the most miles I have ever ridden in a single day- 40!

My hands hurt most, my legs and back are sore. But my mind is calm and I’m grateful to be where I am now. My Aunt Sue and Uncle Scott graciously welcomed us to their home last night and today we have the day off. Last night we drank delicious beer and ate a summer grill feast, and of course s’mores and storytelling by the fire. This morning we ate pancakes while watching the Royal Wedding on TV. It feels good to be with family again.

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