About Green Lane

Green Lane is a podcast and blog created by Jackie Pauley with assistance from Joe Thompson. Check out the Origin Story post for the serendipitous story of how they met.

During the summer of 2018, Joe and Jackie traveled around Vermont and Uganda on their bicycles and recorded stories for Green Lane.


Green Lane’s Code of Ethics

Our mission is to travel by bike and create stories that entertain, inspire, and encourage deeper human connection.

While traveling, reporting, and creating stories for Green Lane, we will…

  1. follow our curiosity and tell interesting stories
  2. treat people with compassion
  3. respect the cultures and places we are visiting
  4. follow “leave no trace” practices
  5. portray subjects and situations honestly
  6. never change or edit quotes in a way that changes the intent of the speaker
  7. never give away editorial control to someone who has stakes in the story
  8. be upfront with subjects about the goals of the piece
  9. correct errors as soon as we learn of them